New Science And Research Funding Is Fantastic News

The new £2billion annual fund to science and research is excellent news for the East of England.

It firmly underpins the both the government's commitment to ensure that Britain stays at the forefront of global science and to delivering a 21st century economy.

In the East of England, we have world leaders in medical research, agricultural science and next generation industrial research and development.

Investing this new money to support industry-led science means we can back our winners, and help them to build technologies and jobs for the future.

Mrs Ford said, "The Prime Minister's commitment to make our strength in science and innovation the cornerstone of the UK's future couldn't be clearer. This commitment sends a strong signal of intent to the watching world, injecting much needed confidence and optimism."

"The East of England is one of the most innovative areas in the UK economy attracting scientists and start-ups from all over the world. The right support for the UK's research and development capabilities will underpin economic growth and better health; this is why I have campaigned for it."

"As the UK prepares to leave the European Union, it is critical to remain attractive to the international talent that science and innovation require."

Vicky recently did a speech at the Science Business Conference in Brussels on the importance of Tech Clusters in the East of England, which you can read here:…