The Chelmsford Association is a vibrant one with several groups that you can join to engage with like-minded people. 

As a Party, there are a whole host of different groups to engage with based on interest, profession and background. The Chelmsford Association has brought some of these to Chelmsford so that you can participate in the conversation at a local level.

Here are the groups we currently have:

Business Club

The Club provides a unique opportunity for Chelmsford business leaders to meet and talk to Government Ministers, Conservative MPs, MEPs and local councillors, providing a forum for businesses to give feedback and views to Ministers, as well as a superb local business networking opportunity. 


Young Conservatives

Aimed at those members under 25, there are a whole host of activities, training and events you can get involved with at both a national and local level. Find out more...


Chelmsford Conservative Women

This group provides support and focus for women in the Chelmsford Association with training and events. Find out more...


Conservative Policy Forum

The CPF is a national Party Group that gives members the opportunity to discuss the major policy challenges facing Britain and for its members to have a real say in the direction our Party is taking.