John Flack MEP

John says "The In//Out debate is over.  The people have spoken.  I am proud to have played my part in freeing us from the chains of creeping integration, but I'm now about helping the United Kingdom get the best possible Brexit deal and to agree a new, deep, special relationship with the remaining EU27.  In the longer term, we will not turn our backs on Europe.  We will continue to trade and cooperate on important areas like security and environmental protection.  But we will once again be freely engaged with the wider world, free from the basically socialist inspired constraints of many in the EU.

We have about eighteen months until we leave the EU; something I have campaigned to achieve for over twenty years.  There is still a very important job to be done in the European Parliament safeguarding our regional and national interests by scrutinising  proposed new laws and regulations, many of which may still affect us well after 2019"


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