Cllr. Jean Murray for The Trinity

I am now in my 10th year of serving you as a Chelmsford City Councillor.

Springfield is close to my heart, it is my area, it is where I have lived for 30 years.

Looking after Springfield residents' best interests, supporting local business and neighbourhood groups is in my DNA.

As your local Councillor I hold Street Surgeries and public meetings, giving a voice to all.

My strength is I am a local girl, with a high work ethic, approachable, experienced, caring and prepared to listen.

Give me a problem to solve, I roll my sleeves up and take effective action.

I have a proven track record of successes with:- transport, parking, planning and keeping our area clean and safe.

As a County Councillor, my promise will be to continue serving you, by working to improve, achieve and maintain out vibrant, happy, safe community.


Future Of Shire Hall Secured

The future of one of Chelmsford’s most iconic buildings looks bright after owner Essex County Council agreed a deal to secure its future

The Grade II listed Shire Hall within Chelmsford City Centre has been empty for over two years following the relocation of the Magistrates Court.