CWO Chelmsford

We have just launched CWO in Chelmsford!

The aim of this group is to bring the CWO campaigns, events and training to Chelmsford.

Chelmsford already has a great track record of engaging and progressing women in politics and the local group will look to maintain that, encourage it and celebrate it. Women face unique challenges in politics and business and this group will give us a forum in which to discuss these and develop ways to combat them.

Membership of CWO offers many benefits. Here are just a few: 

CWO National & Local Forums – an opportunity for women to discuss and debate direct with MPs and Ministers, particular issues affecting them 

Development Training Programmes – to help individuals with their personal and political development and to actively encourage more women to stand for public office as local Councillors, School Governors and JPs. It can also be a useful training tool for those of us who have had a break from the workplace raising a family and wish to return to work.

Access to our exciting Regional Conference and numerous social events annually 

The CWO is the oldest women's political organisation in the world with an enviable heritage - First Female MP (Lady Astor) and Britain's First Female Prime Minister (Baroness Margaret Thatcher). 

I look forward to welcoming you soon to one of our events. Please contact me directly for more info

Seena Shah

Chair CWO Chelmsford and President Conservative Young Women